"Merrill Perlman is, quite simply, a master of the art and craft of copy editing. As a practitioner, a manager and a teacher, she knows every facet -- from the nuances of word choice to the complexities of the "copy editor personality." When I worked under Merrill, the Times copy desk organization was a machine with many moving parts, yet remarkably, they all ran like clockwork because of her sure hand and clear direction. I think that's because Merrill understands, down to the very core of her being, how vital good backstopping is to the quality of a publication. That holds true whether the product is inked on paper or sent off into cyberspace, and she understands that as well. I'll also throw in a word or two about her people skills: They're second to none. She approaches her work with humor and humanity. So, she can tell you how to assemble and maintain a skilled copy editing operation. But she can also deliver that information in a way that makes you want to listen and learn. I guess it's clear that I'm a Merrill Perlman fan. Work with her, and you will be, too."
Jeffrey Rubin
The New York Times

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