Merrill Perlman's photo "You could scour the journalism and publishing worlds for a lifetime and never find an editor as good as Merrill Perlman. She is tough, sensible, rigorous and devoted to the power of words, which she approaches with an unmatched degree of erudition and respect. She has also successfully managed a large group of idiosyncratic and sometimes cranky professionals (the copy editors of The New York Times). This is a crowd that doesn't dispense respect easily. Even in this demanding group, Merrill's editing was regarded with awe."

Jonathan Landman
Editor at Large at Bloomberg LP

"Merrill is an excellent writer and editor. She also has wonderful leadership and mentoring skills. I recommend her highly as a consultant who can design and deliver workshops and seminars on a variety of topics, including writing, editing, and presentation. Merrill has a record of developing and maintaining very successful relationships at The New York Times, Columbia University, and as an Independent Consultant."

Bettina Seidman
Senior Consultant, Outplacement , Partners in Human Resources

"I'm pleased to recommend my former colleague Merrill Perlman, and can do so without hesitation. Merrill has a sterling resume as a journalism and communications professional. She is among the smartest and best editors I've known. The writing, editing and people skills, creativity and work ethic that were the hallmarks of her journalism career are transferrable across a wide variety of fields. Merrill's quick wit and intelligence make her a joy to work with."

Kathleen Richardson
News editor/copy editor/columnist, Des Moines Register

"Merrill is an amazing editor, a stickler for detail, and a grammar goddess. Even better, she makes it all fun. I would be happy to work with Merrill on any project."

Cindy Richards
Editor, TravelingMom.com

"A number of recommendations here say that Merrill is an editor's editor. And this is very much true. But there's more. She is also a writer's editor, because she makes good stories great, work that will make the writer proud without feeling a loss of ownership. And, perhaps most important, she is a reader's editor. She will have already asked and answered the questions that otherwise would have left readers scratching their heads. I know these qualities because Merrill has made me a better editor, through her lessons and guidance. I first met her during my tryout with the Times News Service in 2001. I was overwhelmed during that grueling week. But the gracious feedback on my editing that she gave me each day was invaluable, and I learned more in that week than I had in the previous year at my job at the time. As much as she can make stories better, her coaching makes for better editors. She's a wonderful person to work for, and with, and she makes it all look effortless."

Justin Swanson
Copy editor, The New York Times

"We hired Merrill to put together and deliver a customized copyedit training course for a team of a dozen editors. We were very pleased with both her preparation and results. She was not just thorough and precise, but very communicative and customer service-oriented. We certainly recommend her work, whatever your editing needs."

Refet Kaplan
Managing director, foxnews.com

"Merrill has a well-deserved reputation for being a tough editor and a truly dedicated practitioner of journalism. She has mentored many writers, and I know that a lot of people who have flourished in the news industry owe a great deal to her acumen."

Pranay Gupte
Consultant, Professional Writer and Editor

"I have the pleasure and privilege of knowing Merrill for many years. She is a master of her craft with years of experience leading, managing, writing and editing. She possesses a passionate disposition always striving for quality and integrity. Her years of experience have paid dividends to those she has served. Merrill is extremely dedicated and good natured. I can't recommend her highly enough!"

Toby Nathan
hired Merrill as a Writer/Editor in 2009

"I learned more about writing and managing my work in three weeks with Merrill than I have in my entire 15-year career. I didn't want to let her go after the course ended. Her approach is welcoming, respectful, honest and funny. Every newsroom, every writer, needs a Merrill."

Dan Tevlock
Investigative Reporter at Investigative Post

"Merrill sets the standard in the this country ... perhaps for the world ... on how to be precise in language, how to be factual so the story is more compelling, how to be clear so that individuals can make up their own minds about what the story means, how to be dogged so the full story is told. These very characteristics are the ones that can carry us ... as a global community .. forward as we all live by stories. Merrill leads. We, and the world's citizens, would do well to emulate her veracity."

Jean Gaddy Wilson
Director, New Directions for News , University of Missouri School of Journalism

"The compleat copy editor (and she would have a ready dissertation on how that differs from its homonym), Merrill is as fine a manager of people as she is of prose. Many of her colleagues at The New York Times remember her as a skilled and professional colleague, others as a valued mentor and still others as a patient yet demanding teacher. And more than a few would say all of the above. It doesn't hurt that she makes a mean lemon bar and a bodacious brownie, which is another way of saying that she is one of the kindest and most generous people I've had the pleasure of knowing."

Cass Peterson
Copy chief, Business Day, The New York Times

"Merrill has presented numerous seminars for the American Copy Editors Society, of which I've been president or vice president for the past nine years. Her presentations are tremendously popular and informative; their content is relevant and enlightening; and her presence in the room is engaging and energizing. Merrill is top-notch at what she does, and I thoroughly recommend her."

Chris Wienandt
Business copy desk chief , The Dallas Morning News

"Merrill has written two four-page features (the longest we do) for my magazine, The New York Times Upfront. The executive editor and I gave her a rough idea of what we had in mind for each story, but she researched them and came back with various approaches we could take. Even her first time out it was clear she completely understood who our readers were and what they wanted. She needed minimal editing, and was a pleasure to work with when she did. I worked for Merrill at The Times -- she was a total pro as a boss, and is a total pro in her current role. We closed the issue with her second story last week, and we're hoping to get her going on her next assignment, a cover story, this week."

Elliott Rebhun
Editor & Publisher, The New York Times Upfront at Scholastic

"If you're seeking an editor who will bring truth, insight, clarity, and zing to your copy, look no further than Merrill Perlman, who was hands down one of the best editors I encountered during my 20 years at The New York Times. Merrill also was adept at identifying and cultivating talented young reporters and editors, many of whom ultimately became mainstays of The Times' news coverage. In a sea of extremely talented journalists, she definitely stood out."

Calvin Sims
President and CEO at International House

"Recommend? What's not to recommend about Merrill? Her mastery of the English language is second to none. Merrill is a thoughtful, careful editor capable of meeting any deadline. She gracefully handles every challenge and relishes the opportunity to learn and adapt to changes in journalism at every turn. Persons/companies hiring Merrill will never regret the move."

Nina Lentini
Editor, Marketing Daily at MediaPost.com