"Merrill Perlman is the only person who has ever been able to fully explain how the various locations of "only" in a sentence affect its meaning. This seems small, but is not. Communications are only effective when they are clearly understood. Merrill shows both the small picture and the large, and does so in an involving, enlightening and entertaining way. After 35 years in media, I've still got a lot to learn from Merrill Perlman. You should take advantage of it as well."
David Sullivan
The Philadelphia Inquirer


Merrill Perlman Consulting has a proven track record of effective training in English grammar, usage and communications skills. Whether it's a refresher on when to use "which" and when to use "that," a seminar on research skills (or when to put those skills to good use), a workshop on clearer writing, or a tutorial on how to best edit your own work, Meperl can provide useful and productive information in an entertaining format that will make your internal and external communications better. Training is tailored to your goals, using your materials as appropriate.


Merrill Perlman's photoCreating or tweaking communications workflow can make everyone's lives easier and thus make everyone happier and more productive. Through observations and interviews, Meperl can determine an appropriate workflow and help put it into effect, or troubleshoot your organization's current workflow.

For communications organizations, Meperl also offers management and recruitment consulting, based on 20 years in mass media management and 15 years in recruitment.


For writers, Meperl offers personalized coaching services. We can help you create pieces that are more organized, more understood, more effective. From structure and tone to the smallest grammar and usage details, Meperl can raise your communications game.


Any communication, be it a book, a fundraising letter, an annual report, an employee newsletter or a policy white paper, is effective only when the message received is the same as the one that was intended. Meperl offers editing at all levels, from concept through proofreading.

Meperl can also develop or update a stylebook for your organization, unifying your message and eliminating internal confusion over form and function.